Nerd Talk: Making Nuclear Music Inside a Cooling Silo

Who are you, Homer Simpson?

March 7, 2018

by ArnoJenkins // dreamstime

"What does a snare drum sound like inside a nuclear cooling silo tower?" Who asks this question, Godzilla?! I once was taken aside in an improv class for being too random and silly with my suggestions. "You're not setting your teammates up to win," or something dumb (accurate) like that.

This snare drum/silo combo feels a bit like that -- ridiculous. Probably hoping to metamorphosize into Mothra, a rock band decided to record a music video in a decommissioned nuclear cooling silo. While on site, someone posted a video of the mind-blowing reverb created by a massive concrete and sexily curved tower.

Wait a second, that's legendary producer, Sylvia Massy, and Seattle band Thunderpussy filming a video for "Torpedo Love," and that location is Satsop Nuclear Power Plant outside Aberdeen, WA. This all means they're not insane people with a wish to become radioactive monsters, Satsop was never completed and thus never polluted by fall-out, radiation, or Godzilla, or anything. 

Can we go inside there?
What other awesome noises could we produce inside that concrete beast?
Wouldn't that concrete tube make an awesome gauntlet for Godzilla?