Nerd Talk: This Lyric Speaker Brings Music To Life

It beautifully projects the lyrics to a zillion songs

November 17, 2017
Lyric speaker


Look, you can pretend that you don't like karaoke - I certainly keep that charade up... until I'm at the bar with a couple pops in me and a song comes on that I love. Just try and fight that urge to sing and gesticulate - it's nearly impossible. I think that's what makes the Lyric Speaker from COTODAMA so irresistible. That and it's awesome text-floating-in-space face!

There's software built into this sucker that connects to a lyrics database via your WiFi, and once it recognizes your jam, it quickly analyzes the mood and energy before generating an appropriately matching display. The forces at work here can be quite beautiful, stylish, and eye-catching. A few of the visualizations harness the kinetic typography in a similar way to those Ford truck commercials only without Dennis Leary shoveling grittiness at me while the screen flips around with giant letters everywhere. It's a wild ride and would be an incredible piece to add to your well-tidied apartment with some fancy furniture.




According to The Verge, "If you’re using Android, only the Lyric Speaker app and Spotify are compatible, but the iOS version also supports Apple Music, Deezer, Google Play, SoundCloud, Youtube, and other services. As far as performance, the speaker can play 96khz/24bit FLAC files, has a range of 40Hz to 40kHz, and has two coaxial loudspeakers and two drone cones."

The Japanese company only cranks out about 15 speakers a month, so prepare yourself for the price... $4500! Here, I found it for under 4k