Nerd Talk: Introducing the Self Driving Potato Car

Please drive it into a vat of boiling vegetable oil ...

June 28, 2017
Potato science

© Kirill Makarov |

I would never have guessed that the eventual downfall of the human race could be potato powered, but looking back, I suppose a lesson many of us learned in middle school science class could have prepared us for tater power. 

How to power a lightbulb with a potato

Not like that. That's ridiculous. I'm talking about gathering some boiled potatoes, copper pennies, galvanized nails, and some wires and clips to string the whole mess of nonsense together.

Now imagine taking this experiment even further by adding fancier components that you can't just salvage from the bottom of dad's cluster of a tool box. DIY inventor Marek Baczynski added an energy harvesting chip, capacitor, a couple motors from old CD players ('member those?), and wheels to his experiment to build the world's first self-driving potato. He's really doing the lord's work.

1. It travels an incredible 7.5 meters/day lol
2. That guy's voice is the best
3. Can only drive in a straight line

1. Does Google have plans to develop AI for the spud cars?
2. How does the potato taste after a couple days of driving?
3. Will my cat Peanut eat the fuel supply before it can travel a full distance?

After watching the above video, I'm not as certain that the Terminator will use tater-tech to overthrow the humans. If they still decide to hunt us fueled by potatoes - at least when we shoot them back, it will smell like french fries.