Nerd Talk: If Robots Are The Future, Sports Are Going to Be Terrible

They literally fall down for no reason.

August 2, 2017
Robot soccer


I can't imagine a future where humans still play football unless someone does something to seriously protect the brains of these super humans sporting machines. But something no one really ever talks about is how much damage happens to soccer players when heading a ball that just traveled 70 yards off the foot of the keeper. 

One obvious future humanity could possibly turn to: robots.

While we discourage humans from literally tearing each other apart at the joints, imagine if linbebacker-bot hit Runtron 5000 at the line and like a Lego spaceship smashing to the ground, ol' Runtron ended up in 11,000 pieces on the field. I WANT THIS FUTURE NOW!

Before you freak out like me and need a good Japanese toilet spraying, just know that robotics and sports have a long way to go:

lol these things fall down unexpectedly more than a Dutch national team player.

What's next, is someone gonna teach them how to bite each other?

Suarez loves him some Italian cuisine

I don't know about you, but I found that clip to be superb entertainment. We sit perched at one end of the spectrum at robotic sports. At the rate that Boston Dynamics is succeeding, how far away from on the field robot battle at a higher level than humans?

This new robot from boston dynamics doesn’t care about your weak human attacks!

This all assumes that we don't arm these robots with machine guns and lasers and rail guns and stuff in the name of peace. Then again, pacifying humanity to keep everyone chill is a top priority for the people who can afford to develop these suckers!