Nerd Talk: Check Out These Silly, Super Fun Star Trek Alexa Skills

That is a terrible accent, Alexa.

October 4, 2017
Amazon echo voice recognition system, selective focus and dark backdrop for impact of light ring

© Amber Mcging | Dreamstime

Anyone who plopped down into their bean bag chair after school with a snack to watch any iteration of Star Trek can relate to the fantasy of just yelling COMPUTER with a command and having a voice respond to your ridiculous requests. Mostly, I want it to call me Captain...

With the introduction of voice assistants from Siri to Cortana, Google and Alexa, the fantasy is becoming reality. But with the release of a new Star Trek series, Discovery, Amazon teamed up their talking robo-voiced assistant with the nerds at Star Trek so you can play starship captain in your kitchen. Just holler out one of these commands and Alexa will nerd out with you:

  • “Alexa, red alert!”
  • “Alexa, fire photon torpedoes.”
  • “Alexa, beam me up.”
  • “Alexa, speak Klingon.”
  • “Alexa, what is your mission?”
  • “Alexa, revenge is a dish best served cold.” (Though CNET warns that “Her response to this is loud and might frighten your neighbors.”)
  • “Alexa, state Starfleet rank and class.”
  • “Alexa, what would Scotty say?”

The last one is just terrible. Alexa's accent is worse than mine! Try it a couple times to get different responses - all equally terrible in utterance! Another nitpick from my nerdiness: I wish when you told it to go "red alert" that the color ring at the top would swish around with red like on the show or films when they called for red alert...

Still giggling? Maybe you're already aware, but you can change your command word for the Echo from "Alexa" to "Computer" so you can live that Star Trek life err-day.