How To Make Your Own Szechuan Sauce

Over the weekend, people FREAKED OUT about their nuggets...

October 11, 2017
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To skip to the point, scroll down for the Szechuan Sauce recipe.

Listen, many of us love Rick and Morty - a Back to the Future cartoon rip off with some heavy multi-dimensional thinking - it’s great stuff but when the creators mentioned a McNugget sauce tied into promotion of the 1998 film Mulan - we all got a little too excited.

McDonald's, fielding tons of requests, caved, deciding to have a single-day release of Szechuan sauce as a fun gimmick.

It did not go well.

Angry mobs of fans of a cartoon really got hot and bothered when locations of participating McDonald's only received extremely limited quantities of sauce packets - some as few as 20 tubs. I know you’re mad because you camped out for syrupy sugar goo and didn’t get any, but seriously, it’s sauce. We don't need police for something that you didn't even 'member until the fictional Rick Sanchez brought it up on a crazy show.

I mean, in reality, we actually did need the police, but we shouldn't.

I do understand your frustration, nostalgia monster. In a world where everything seems ****ing terrible, a cartoon hitting you in the memory zone of your over-stimulated-with-internet-rage brain feels good - a relief even. To show up and find hundreds to thousands of people sharing in your mania, most of you leaving unsatisfied, totally sucks. Again though, tone it down, 99% of us can't even tell you the plot to Mulan, let alone miss the sauce until a drunken cartoon character mentioned it with vigor amidst hopping between universes. McDonald's for their part was sorry about the whole thing.

Some huge Rick and Morty fan in the marketing department is probably fired because of some dumb ******* sauce.

The Recipe.

I saw this episode of my favorite internet cooking show, Binging with Babish, where he made Szechuan Sauce to the best of his ability before someone won a contest to receive authentic sauce from McDonald's for him to recreate.