Dropleaf is Like the Netflix of Indie Gaming!

November 1, 2017

© Scyther5 | Dreamstime

Indie music took some much-needed spotlight with the accessibility and affordability of home recording. Sure we still got stoked for a big new Foo Fighters record, but now someone could realistically write and record their own album in their closet - someone who previously might never have their voice heard without the advance.

Now, the same revolution has happened in the gaming world.

Dropleaf.io wants to help the indie developer focus on making great games at whatever pace they want by tackling the marketing and promotion of the games themselves. For a small monthly fee of five to ten bucks, they want you to access dozens of new games. As a creative person myself, the marketing and push of a product alleviates all that acid reflux-inducing stress I would otherwise experience handling all aspects myself!

With networks of game developers working how they want on what they want, the future of gaming will have to consider the way the indies push the industry. We'll still clearly have the massive AAA games, the Fallouts, Skyrims, and Witchers, but the cable television revolution, someone with a savvy recognition of opportunity can change the way we buy and play games!