Does This Life Hack Actually Do More Damage Than Good?


July 26, 2017

By Gregr

Every time you reach that paw into a pocket full of earbuds, there's a brief moment of doubt: will I retract with a handful of tangle worse than the dreadlock of a zombie Rastafarian or will my cables still be neatly coiled?

The real trick is dedicated space. When you put headphones neatly wrapped in with 81 cents, a pen with broken off clip, grocery receipts, and 11 Hershey Kiss wrappers, you're rolling the dice like an idiot at a craps table.

Then, while surfing Reddit yesterday, I came across this "how to keep your earbuds from tangling" hack (see below). It looked like it would save my wife's headphones from the whatever the crap happens in the little side pocket of her purse... does she keep a tiny bird in there bent on turning her headphones into a comfy little nest? I gave it a try and it's pretty great at making this tidier. Look at me keeping my headphone in my pocket confidently.

Things were less awesome when I unraveled the headphones to find that they were now a twisted mess.

Cable memory - that thing that makes your cords impossible to roll back up because they just twist into tight little bunches - is a wire killer. It will shorten the life of your favorite devices. I've had about a zillion left ear earbud deaths, and at $30 a pop, accelerating their demise is not something I'm down with. Just remember, any idiot can post any dumb thing on the internet (proof here), and a hack like this may find you hacking into your savings to replenish the thing you just murdered.

How to keep your earbuds from tangling.