The Castaway - On The Horizon Runner Up - Pale Waves

September 24, 2018

The Castaway is a new feature to On The Horizon! We are going to let YOU in on one or some of the songs that didn't quite make it to the playlist this week. If you like the Castaway song that week, make sure to tweet, tag or comment on our #OnTheHorizon posts! 

This week, the song that was stranded was Pale Waves, "Eighteen".

Pale Waves are no stranger to the playlist. Their song, "There's A Honey", had a long stint on the show. They are back with "Eighteen"; one of many singles they have put out in the last few months. Want to catch them live? You are in luck they will be playing Culture Room on Nov. 2nd. You can check the song out below. Want to hear them on the playlist next week, make it happen Shark family! But the power is in YOU On The Horizon family.