Erin Lee

How well do you know your favorite songs?

August 25, 2019

Over the last month or so, I've found myself listening to songs I've heard probably thousands of times...but I'd somehow never noticed I'm missing a big chunk from at least one verse.
I don't know how I have missed learning these parts of Green Day's Holiday and 311's Down. 
I love singing along, and usually make it a point to learn the lyrics to new songs as soon as they come out.
I Googled each of them, and it was like I had never heard that part of the song. LOL is there a scientific reason for this? Some weird brain thing?
I'm genuinely curious. So I'm bringing this to you: Do you have songs you've heard hundreds of times but are still missing lyrics from? 
To be clear, I'm not talking about misheard or misunderstood lyrics. I was just dropping off or humming the instruments instead.