Erin Lee

Bands Evolving

May 19, 2019

Imagine this: You just got a new job. You are so pumped to have a new opportunity, and want to share the news with everyone you know. But what if you posted your news on social media, and the reponse was: "I liked you better at your old job." Or worse: "You never should have left! You suck at this!"
Do you find that completely impossible to relate to? What if everyone you came in contact with wanted you behave the same way you did ten, fifteen, twenty years ago? To ignore any life changes you've had, any growth and maturity you've experienced. All because it makes them uncomfortable. You'd probably tell them off, right? 
Why do we expect the bands and musicians we love to keep putting out the same music album after album? Why are we so afraid of watching them change members or stretch outside of their comfort zone and experiment with new sounds? 
I love Weezer's Blue Album and blink-182's Enema of the State as much as the next person, but those albums came out 25 and 20 years ago respectively. I know I'm not the same person I was 20-25 years ago. My tastes have changed. My interests, my hobbies. So many things. I'm married, I have a child. Seeing my favorite bands pursue new challenges and personal growth makes me incredibly happy, as it would anyone I love.
I think it's important to be discerning about the music we consume. It's completely ok to not like every single song by our favorite bands. As the cliche goes, you can't please everyone all the time. But to completely write off a band because they changed guitarists or wrote a song that sounds different than what we're used to? I just can't get behind that. As a music fan, I understand the comfort in things staying the same. But as a creative person, I wholeheartedly support the bands I love doing what feeds their souls! 
I know this is a hotly debated topic, and I look forward to hashing it out with you.