Discovery Week on The Shark – Sir Sly

March 27, 2017

We’re feeding your musical appetite all this week (Monday, 3/27 – Sunday, 4/2) with Discovery Week on the Shark featuring Sir Sly!

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EXCLUSIVE Q & A with Sir Sly:

1. Love that you coined your own genre of music, “Sly-Fi.” You definitely have a unique sound, worthy of its own genre. What do you do to stay true to the Sly-Fi sound now that you’ve gained more public attention?

Landon: It’s probably worth noting that we did that as a joke in the beginning, and then we started wearing it as a sort of goofy badge of honor. Being a band and making music should always be about trying to find a unique place in a vast sonic landscape. I think we’ve stayed true to “sly-fi” by working tirelessly to make something we are proud of while not taking ourselves seriously. The joke stuck with us, and is a good reminder to approach making music with levity.

2. In honor of the new track “High,” tell us about the highest point in your career so far.

Landon: All I want to do is make a stupid joke about playing in Denver, because not only is recreational marijuana legal, but it’s also a mile above sea level. In seriousness it’s pretty hard to nail down a high point, there has been so much excitement at different points in time, from playing our first festival, to our first time being on tv, to the feeling of knowing we’ve finished an album. It’s impossible to choose. But the high, so to speak, never lasts long, and we’re always chasing the next one around the corner.

3. Firefly is serious business. 1. What was going through your heads when you were asked to play, and 2. Which shows are you trying to catch when you’re not playing?

Hayden: This festival always seem to be putting together credible, intelligent lineups, so it’s an honor to be playing again in such good company. I’m looking forward to MUNA, Maggie Rogers, and DJ Jazzy Jeff. He just did this record called “Chasing Goosebumps” with a collective of musicians in Delaware. It’s interesting...full of grooves...and the singer is this guy named Glenn Lewis, who sounds so much like Stevie Wonder.

4. You’re basically seasoned vets after touring with bands like The 1975 and St. Lucia. What’s the best piece of advice you learned from these tours that you can pass along to new artists or just fans in general?

Hayden: Work hard, be kind. Put away your empty road cases. Be courteous with stage space. Whether you’re headlining or supporting, you’re part of a large, traveling herd of crew members, many of whom have left their families/homes to help run your sound, mix your monitors or set up your backline….it’s important to remember that. They aren’t your babysitters and they aren’t hired help. These are some skilled ninjas who are the key to your success.

As for fans in general, I have no advice. You’re all doing just fine. Thanks for coming out. Maybe don’t film the show with an iPad.

Jason: Sleep is your best friend.

Landon: Hayden covered all the bases.

5. Can we expect to see you on tour anytime soon? 

Hayden: Yep.

Jason: No Hayden I think you mean Yaaaas.

Landon: mhm

6. Will you take a selfie for us?

Here ya go. Taken sometime around midnight just after wrapping the video for “High.”