Discovery Week on The Shark – HONNE

July 14, 2016

We’re feeding your musical appetite all this week (Monday 6/6 – Sunday 6/12) with Discovery Week on the Shark with HONNE!

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About HONNE:

本音 : one’s true feelings and desires

In little under two years, blue-eyed soul duo HONNE have become the band to fall in love with, and to. “There’s a lot of women at our shows,” says co-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist James Hatcher, “and a lot of couples.” Unsuspecting frontman Andy Clutterbuck – often witness to more than he bargained for as the band’s sensual grooves ripple through certain pockets of the crowd – senses it, too. “We get a lot of people coming up to us afterwards telling us that a track has soundtracked their relationship, from meeting online to their first date, and from break-ups to having babies.” In their very British, buttoned-up appearance, HONNE don’t strike you as the type to open up about anything this intimate, which is precisely the point – ‘Warm On A Cold Night’ is an album where expressing feelings may not come naturally, but one which nonetheless strives for real love in the digital age.

A term with no Western equivalent, the origins of HONNE lie in the Japanese word meaning ‘True Feelings’ (it’s often twinned with ‘tatemae’, roughly translated as the contrasting behaviour or opinions you display in public). It was this fascination with Japan that offered the pair an early porthole into how to transmit their most personal moments into music. Their own backgrounds, of course, were far less culturally exotic: having met on the first day of University, the pair had unknowingly grown up around 45 minutes from another in the South West. Andy’s childhood was farm-life, his youth spent introspectively in a spare room filled with his dad’s clutter (a drum kit, old record players, and musical ephemera that looks like junk but feels like magic to the right imaginative eye). “On your first day at college,” says James “you arrive nerve-wracked about what’s going to happen. Am I going to make any friends? Will they be alright? I instantly knew Andy was sound. He played me a whole album he’d written and put up on online. It was more developed than anything I’d heard from anyone my age.”

Matched at first-sight, HONNE began making music that same night. “It was 2 in the morning,” says Andy, “it was completely pitch black and we just had a microphone set up. We felt immediately relaxed around each other, there was no-one laughing and no-one was being judged.” The perfect environment, it turned out, for the emotional honesty which followed. And as these dusky songs kept coming, their after-hours conversations turned towards the future, to travel, and in particular to Andy’s time in Japan (where he was in a long-distance relationship). During a midnight re-watching of ‘Lost in Translation’, it became apparent that this sense of a partner at a loose end – of wandering through a strange environment, and struggling to convey what you mean – was just as relevant to their lives off-screen. When James found the word ‘Honne’ later on, he knew it was theirs. “I came across it, saw the meaning and was like ‘I can’t believe no-one is called this.’”