Workplace High Heel Dress Codes? STAAAAAAAHP!

March 6, 2017

Last year, a petition was filed by a British woman who called on the government to criminalize unjust workplace dress codes. Her employer had sent her home, without pay, for not wearing high heels to work.

An informal poll launched by inquired as to whether companies should have the power to order their female employees to wear heels has garnered 89 percent votes for “No” and 11 percent for “Yes.” My guess is that the 11% who voted "Yes" has not spent a single workday rocking a pair of high heels. I'm ALL for certain items on a dress code because unfortunately, without certain rules, we'd have total chaos alowing everyone to just willy nilly wear whatever their heart desires. I just can't grasp this being an actual issue in 2017. With the variety of professional heel-less women's shoes available and the amount of workplace lawsuits filed, you'd think employers would back away from something like this. The poll also found that dress codes that require female workers to wear “makeup, high heels and skirts above the knee” make them feel “very uncomfortable” and “sexualized by their employer.” Well, NO $H!*... Seriously?! OF COURSE it does!

Yes, this poll is rooted in the UK, but the article covers much of how things are being handled here locally as well. 

Does YOUR employer have a high-heel dress code, require you to wear makeup daily or skirts above the knee? Interested to see where this exists on a local level. Tweet at me or Facebook me. The links are somewhere around here!

xoxo- Deena

(PS- You'll notice we definitely DO NOT have a makeup code here at The Shark by my lack of lip gloss/stick/stain/whatever. Blessings, ya'll. Blessings)