Should I Have Opened It?

May 21, 2019

Yesterday a little old lady (think 80+ years of age) walked up to me at the gym while I was on the elliptical, dropped what LOOKED like a used toothbrush in a holder (the grey thing) next to my keys and said "this was on the floor over there. It's yours." I told her it wasn't, but thank you. She said "well, it's yours now" and winked then gave me a pat on the butt as she walked away... I promptly added 30 more minutes to my workout. I am now DETERMINED  to make sure I live long enough to be able to get away with that kind of sh*t! COULD YOU IMAGINE?! ... No, I don't know what's inside the container. I felt super weird about opening it, so I turned it in at the front desk. What if it was a rolled up wad of cash? It will forever remain a mystery


Would you have opened it?