SNL Oops?

Tig Notaro says SNL writers were definitely aware of her 'Clown Service'

April 13, 2017

Louis C.K. hosted SNL this past weekend and killed it as usual. He's been out promoting his new Netflix stand-up, '2017' which I've watched twice now in under a week. Remember a few years back when he got into it with Dane Cook over a little plagerism? Well, some people are saying that by agreeing to star in SNL's 'Birthday Clown' short, he's done the exact same thing to comedian Tig Notaro. See, Tig released a 13 minute film last year entitled 'Clown Service' that sports the exact same concept of a depressed adult hiring a clown to cheer them up. Now, I don't personally know Louie, but can't imagine he'd maliciously rip off Tig's content. As a person who is always looking for closure, I would like to know what was going on behind the scenes at SNL when this short (which is hilarious, btw) got the green light.  Were the writers aware of the similarities? What do YOU think? Watch em both and email me your thoughts:




This is the SNL sketch with Louis C.K....


Here's Tig Notaro's 'Clown Service'