The Purge is ON

January 8, 2018

Happy 2018!

I was raised in a "more is more" household... So many of us are. My mom believed (and still believes) that a deal is a deal and you should buy the item now and figure out what to do with it later. I'm not saying that's the WRONG attitude, but it's one that no longer works for me after downsizing with a 5 year old who has a bahjillion toys.

After reading dozens (okay, probably hundreds) of blogs and articles about Minimalism, my guy and I decided to modify the concept to work best for us and thus the purge began. It's been challenging to break myself of the concept I grew up with that owning 10 of the same cheaply made black t-shirt is better than one quality black t-shirt, but I'm learning and it's been a really interesting process. I've been working on re-training my brain to only stay attached to items I absolutely love and use frequently or items with great sentimental value. I have to tell you, a few months into this process, I feel fantastic!  I've either donated or sold hundreds of personal items and not a single one of those items do I miss.  That's somewhat shocking, right? We were able to sell enough stuff to pay for our entire holiday vacation last year! Moving forward, I'm trying to be much more strategic about what I spend my money on and what items I choose to bring into our home. 

I am by no means trying to "preach"... Infact, I'd love to know what YOUR thoughts on Minimalism or any variation of a minimalistic lifestyle are. Does it work for you? Do you think it's ridiculous? Do you have any helpful tips to share with me? 

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