Protein Snacks That Taste GOOD... Wuh WHAT!?!?!

NEW OBSESSION: Quest BBQ Protein Chips

July 17, 2018

I am FOREVER on the lookout for protein snacks I can chomp on while driving in to work in the morning. I know, most people eat a balanced breakfast before leaving home for the day... NO. My kid gets a decent breakfast and I either forget to eat until I'm at the point of no return and I'm Joe Pesci HANGRY, which ends poorly for everyone involved, OR I eat something I regret eating and am beating myself up for making crappy nutritional choices all before 9am. It's a real hoot! The other day, while ordering a Slip-N-Slide, paper towels and soap, I was sucked into a pop-up ad and, damnit, it actually worked out well for me! The ad was for Quest Nurtrition's BBQ Protein Chips. I bought a case of them because EVERYTHING with me is ALL or NOTHING. They arrived 2 days later and I tossed them in my purse to eat in the car. Let me just tell you, this was a lovely experience! Only 4 carbs. 120 calories. A tad high on the sodium, but they're immitation chips, you can't have it all! Anyway, these chips are MY JAM right now. I discovered they also come in a few other flavors and I'm literally ordering cases of all of them the second I wrap up this blog and hit POST. If you're short on time all of the time like me or you enjoy constantly eating (also like me), give these puppies a whirl and let me know what you think. I'm thrilled <3