The Muse Interview I Wasn't Allowed To Share... Until Now...

May 19, 2017

A few weeks ago I had a chance to chat with Dom Howard, drummer extraordinaire for my favorite band Muse. We got on pretty well and as a result I pushed a little too hard for info about the new album (because that's what best friends do, right?!?!) and he just went ahead and spilled the beans. This generally doesn't present a problem, except for in a situation like this where the band and their management had a HUGE surprise single ready to drop on their fans in a very specific way and I inadvertently outed them. Now that the new single is here (YAAAAAAAAY) I can share this with you on the eve of their big show at Perfect Vodka with 30 Seconds to Mars (I'll be seein' ya there). Take a listen and also take comfort in knowing that even some of the biggest rockstars on the planet get nervous on the regular.  Makes me feel better about life, that's for sure!

xoxo- deena