July 23, 2018

Today is our buddy Gaby's Birthday. You hear Gaby on-air here at The Shark mostly Sunday nights at 10 for On the Horizon, but she's a jack of all trades and is here hanging out with us at The Shark studio every day.

So, about a year ago she was getting ready for a Parahoy Cruise and splurged on this inflatable 7 foot Reptar costume that I gave her SO. MUCH. CRAP for spending a ton of money on. Turns out, I was wrong and she had the time of her life snagging ALL of the attention from cruisegoers. Fast foward to a few weeks ago when I was trying to figure out what to get a girl who literally has everything for her birthday... I knew it should be Reptar themed, but didn't really know where to begin. Shout out to my fiance for suggesting which is FULL to the brim of the neatest nerdo stuff I've ever seen! So, that's where Reptar lives along with loads of other cool stuff that I want, but can't have because my kid will take it. I know ThinkGeek has been around for a minute, but I'm just now aware of its existence and thought I'd tip you off incase you've been living with me underneath a rock all these years. 

Happy Shopping and have a sweet week, friends