SHARP OBJECTS: Read It OR Watch It First?

July 31, 2018

You guys, I had the time to read a book this week! I know that's something most people do on the regular without blogging about it, but that's a big deal in my world, considering the fact that like MOST parents, the word "MOMMY" is exclaimed at minimum once per minute inside our home. Concentrating is difficult. Last year I read Gillian Flynn's "Girl On the Train" and was absolutely into every single page. Then I saw the corresponding movie starring the lovely Emily Blunt and was so deeply disappointed. I know, I know... "Deena, YOU go try to make a movie and THEN you can judge", but STILL. So, I decided to give "Sharp Objects" a whirl before watching the HBO series because, I can't do the reverse. I'm odd like that. I can't watch the movie and THEN read the book. Here's the deal though: My gurl Gillian was painting SUCH a picture that I HAD to start watching the HBO show before wrapping the book up. We binged the first two episodes last night and I am THRILLED so far with the casting job that was done and way the characters are portraying what's going on in the book. The dialogue in many cases is identical to the book, which I appreciate more than I thought I would. Again, "who cares what YOU think, Deena?" I know, but I thought I'd throw a heads-up your way in case you're watching the show and want to time travel back when it concludes. I think the book and the show make a really nice couple and I haven't been able to say that often. I've got about 20 pages left in my read and 7 episodes of the show to go, but I'd love to chat "Sharp Objects" with you.