She WANTED To Have 50 Bridesmaids

June 26, 2019

I hope that hideous photo of drunk me at my wedding properly illustrates my thoughts and feelings about the idea of having 34 bridesmaids at a wedding. I chose to live on the other end of the spectrum. I opted for no bridal party at all. I tried to make things as simple and easy as possible.

While a MASSIVE bridal party didn't fit into my lifestyle, it worked really well for 34 year old Casme Carter of Destin, Florida. She had her six sisters and a whole slew of girlfriends by her side. Initially, her now husband thought she was joking when she proposed the situation, but he soon learned she was pretty damn serious.

Casme had a whole system in place and took quite some time to plan the whole ordeal. Check out the details here

So, what are you thoughts? If you could, would you opt for an ENORMOUS bridal party?

I'm having an anxiety attack just thinking about

xoxo- deena