Behind the Scenes 3D Mammogram Action w/ Deena

June 13, 2017

Hey friends! Yesterday was a big day for me... I ventured over to Comprehensive Breast Care Center in Aventura (they've got other locations as well in North and South Miami) to do some adulting and get myself a mammogram. In research beforehand I learned that 3D mammography was the way to go for me because I have dense breast tissue, and wow am I glad I opted for it!  You'll see in the footage that the radiologist found a cyst and I was able to immediately undergo an ultrasound to squash my worries. Back in the day, I recall my mom having to wait days, sometimes weeks for further information.  Days full of worry. I can tell you this: I walked in to Comprehensive Breast Care Center apprehensive about what was about to happen and left feeling 1000% confidant that I made the right choice to be proactive and not wait on such an important life-saving procedure.  


In terms of pain... GIVE. ME. A. BREAK. I've endured a higher level of pain stubbing my toe or wresting with my 4 year old. Get the mammogram! 


xoxo- deena