What's Your Fave Concept Album?

May 8, 2019

As someone who mostly got into the field of radio due to the enjoyment she finds in talking to strangers and hearing their stories, I'm psyched about Bastille's upcoming album, "Doom Days". It's due for official release June 14th and it's a concept album that breaks down the idea (from track to track) of pressing pause for the night (during the apocalypse of course) and is also supposedly riddled with Easter Eggs. I quite enjoy myself some musical Easter Eggs. Lately I've had some lengthy conversations with friends about what it means to truly "live your best life", since we throw that term around so frequently. I do believe unplugging would be a big part of that, for me at least. That would be my first order of business.

But, I digress... Concept albums. I was prompted to write this blog about concept albums because some of my favorite albums of all time have been concept albums. David Bowie, Pink Floyd, My Chemical Romance, Green Day, Bon Iver... Crossing my fingers that I can add Bastille to my list. 

What are some of YOUR favorite concept albums?

xoxo Deena