And Then I Became An Adult...

March 3, 2017

Haaaaay Friend!

Some people experience a constant stream of "okayness" throughout their lives... I am NOT one of those people. My life appears to be ALL about the high-high's and the low-low's, which I've come to embrace. Honestly, it's sick, but I'm all about it. Right now, things are pretty damn good. Got engaged, yay! Aaaaand, we bought a new/old home! I use the term "new/old" because it's a 30 year old house that needs quite a bit of work and we're about to begin the process of rolling our sleeves up and cracking in.  My question for you, Sharker, is this: Which home improvement DIY projects should we embrace and what should we run screaming from and hire a professional to do? Obviously, we're in the beginning stages and it feels like we can tackle everything, but reality will soon set in and I'd love your feedback. Examples of upcoming projects: 


-Interior Paint

-A/C Maintence

-Tile removal and installation 

-Gutting and remodeling the entire master bathroom (GULP)


-Tree Stump Removal

... What do YOU think? Are these projects two moderately handy people can/should tackle?  Also, I fancy myself to be a big ol Thriftasaurus Rex and we'd be best friends forever if you'd fill me in on hidden gem local thrift stores, discount furniture shops and the like. Email me!

And thanks for spending a bit of your precious spare time absorbing my first blog. Hope it was as good for you as it was for me