1995 From the Deep with Deena 6/10/16

June 10, 2016

Today’s song from 1995 – The Rentals “Friends Of P.”

Return of the Rentals is the debut album by The Rentals, released on October 24, 1995. The album features Matt Sharp—Weezer’s bassist at the time—on vocals and bass, as well as Weezer drummer Patrick Wilson.

Return of the Rentals was well received by critics and produced the successful single “Friends of P.”, which peaked at #7 on Billboard’s Modern Rock Chart and received significant airplay on MTV’s 120 Minutes. Despite this, the album never charted.

The “P” in the track “Friends of P.” has had multiple theories presented as to its meaning. The “P” in the song refers to Paulina Porizkova, the wife of The Cars guitarist Ric Ocasek, who produced the first Weezer album, The Blue Album.

Paulina made a claim that no one had ever written a song about her, and so Sharp took on the task. Fictitious theories suggest that the subject deals with psychics or the Psychic Friends Network. Some think the “P” is for Patrick Wilson, the drummer on the album.

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