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Authorities are now saying 21 people were injured, 2 seriously. No fatalities.

July 6, 2019

Authorities say 21 people were injured in an explosion in Fountains shopping center in Plantation. It happened at 11:28am this morning. They found ruptured gas lines under the rubble which they believe came from a vacant pizza place, "Pizza Fire". However, that's only the early suspicion as to what set off the explosion and is not confirmed.

Officials say two people suffered serious injuries in the blast, but everyone has been accounted for. They are now doing what they call a secondary search, just to make sure.

There is heavy damage to LA Fitness and other nearby buildings. Some appear to be completely destroyed.

At least one nearby home had its windows blown out.

If anyone is looking for injured family members, they have since moved them to 9151 NW 2nd place in Central Park in Plantation.

Code Ninja, which was next door to the vacant pizza joint would normally have been full of 30-40 kids learning how to code, but were not there today due to the holiday. There was also a dentist office closed for the same reason.

There are no fatalities being reported.

Police are asking everyone to avoid that area. They’ve shut down some of the surrounding roads, including University Dr. which is shut down from Broward Blvd. to Peters Rd.

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Watch eye-witnesses footage recorded right after the blast below.