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'Joker' laughs all the way to the bank w/ $234M global debut

Despite controversy surrounding the film, 'Joker' shatters box office records

October 6, 2019

Batman's nemesis hauled in an estimated $93.5 million in North America this weekend, $234 million worldwide (over four times its budget) - making "Joker" the highest-grossing October opening of all-time. The mad clown beat the record previously held by 2018's 'Venom,' which made $80 million.

Controversy surrounded the R-rated epic, due to it's violent depictions of a man slowly slipping into madness. Authorities worried this would inspire violent acts, which prompted hightended security at movie theaters across the country. In the end, the Todd Phillips directed film (which at one point was being produced by Martin Scorcese) left audiences feeling a wide range of emotions as they left the theater. Personally, I felt I need to show more empathy to people I don't understand.

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