Foster the People Releases Dark New Video for "Style"

The "paperheads" are coming for the resistance

April 10, 2019

Mark Foster isn’t singing about his wardrobe on Foster the People’s new song “Style,” and the video that was just released reflects his morbid mood.

Foster preaches to a captive audience of followers in a dark underground room about how death is inevitable so he wants to go out in style – all while a creepy mini-army of suit-wearing men with paper heads approaches the building. It’s part social commentary on having the power to resist with the right amount of force behind you.

“We’re in the lion’s den / Consumption is our medicine / And so I’m high again / You can say I’m a true American / Well the sweetest revenge is being set free.”

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“Style” is the Los Angeles band’s newest single after “Worst Nites” and “Sit Next to Me” from 2017’s Sacred Hearts Club. The latter track is nominated for Top Rock Song at the 2019 Billboard Music Awards.