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Billy Corgan: Smashing Pumpkins Have 2 New EPs On The Way

By: Scott T. Sterling

March 9, 2018

There is a lot going on in the Smashing Pumpkins universe at the moment. An understatement for fans of the alt-rock legends, who recently reunited three of the band’s four original members for a tour this year.

Now, frontman Billy Corgan says the Smashing Pumpkins are putting finishing touches on not just one but two new EPs, sharing the song titles for fans who might have missed them when they were first announced: “Solara,” “Marchin’ On,” “Travels,” “Seek and You Shall Destroy,” “With Sympathy,” “Knights of Malta,” “Silvery Sometimes (Ghosts),” and “Alienation.”

Regarding the fate of the new music, Corgan explained the plan: to release the songs on two, four-song EPs.

Later, Corgan hopped back on Instagram and switched things up by sharing a lovely cover version of the Moody Blues’ 1967 classic, “Nights in White Satin.” Listen to his take on the Moody Blues’ hit below.

SP update: So almost all the musical side is done with 2 days to go, leaving background vocals and last minute touches/flourishes/drang. For those who missed it, the 8 songs are as titled: Solara, Marchin' On, Travels, Seek and You Shall Destroy, With Sympathy, Knights of Malta, Silvery Sometimes (Ghosts), and Alienation. The intended plan being to release the songs over two, four song E.P.'s, with a first song most likely due out in May. Also, we just did a long-ranging interview for the New York Times, which given the questions asked will address many of the things we get asked about here on IG. So look out for that soon..Tra la.... @smashingpumpkins

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This is something I recorded into my phone a while back, as I'd wanted to play 'Nights In White Satin' by the Moody Blues on last year's #Ogilala tour. For whatever reason I just didn't find the courage, because I love the song so much. But I offer it here to share. Maybe I will record it when I go back to Nashville in a few weeks? I know it would make @laneyjones1967 happy :)

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