RADIO.COM World Premiere New Music from Green Day, Weezer and Fall Out Boy

RADIO.COM World Premiere New Music from Green Day, Weezer and Fall Out Boy

This Tuesday, it was a "HELLA MEGA" World Premiere Day!

September 12, 2019

Did Christmas come early? Because we received new music from Green Day, Weezer AND Fall Out Boy - all released simultaneously!

These new songs from Green Day, Weezer, and Fall Out Boy are all part of a RADIO.COM World Premiere, which means you can hear them here and stream them on the RADIO.COM app all throughout this week, starting on Tuesday September 10.

Listen to the tracks below -

Green Day - “Father Of All”
New album “Father Of All Motherf***ers” available February 7, 2020

Green Day will release Father Of All Motherf***ers on February 7, 2020, their first album since Revolution Radio topped the album chart in 2016. They have revealed the lead track, “Father Of All,” a runaway burst of adrenaline, speeding and clapping into the next chapter for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame group.

“It’s kinda like ‘Hawaii Five-0’ meets Rick James in a certain way,” Armstrong tells RADIO.COM. “It’s filtered through the Green Day coffee filter, and it’s loud, it’s noisy, and it’s pure rock n’ roll energy.”

Fall Out Boy f/ Wyclef Jean - “Dear Future Self (Hands Up)”
New "Greatest Hits" album available November 15th, 2019

It’s been 16 years since Fall Out Boy dropped their debut, and on November 15 the band will celebrate with a new Greatest Hits album. It includes at least one new track, “Dear Future Self (Hands Up),” featuring Wyclef Jean.

Weezer - “The End Of The Game”
New album “Van Weezer” available May 1st, 2020

On May 1, 2020, Weezer will release Van Weezer, a riff-heavy album that Rivers Cuomo began teasing before the release of The Black Album. From the LP partly inspired by guitar solos in their live set, the band has released, “The End Of The Game,” a soaring and crunchy love song bursting with Weezer charm.