104.3 The Shark Wins Best Radio Station!

June 20, 2016

Thank you for tuning in with us, Chums!

Thanks to you, we won Best Radio Station in Miami New Times Best of Miami! When New Times interviewed Douglas Abernethy, vice president and general manager of Entercom Miami, the company behind 104.3 the Shark, he made us a promise: There would never be a single Creed or Nickelback song played on his station. That solemn pledge came last September, and we're pleased to say we haven't heard "With Arms Wide Open" befouling our airwaves a single time since.

104.3 the Shark came into South Florida with a laser-focused purpose — filling the alternative void in our corporate radio market. That was a large void indeed. We had classic rock, hip-hop, underground stations, hell, even a jazz night or two. But there really was nowhere to hear the early-'00s emo anthem you so desperately craved to get you through rush hour. From playing '90s grunge and '80s classics like Depeche Mode to the good old high-school Hot Topic angst of Panic! at the Disco and Taking Back Sunday, the Shark has exactly what you need, assuming what you need are power chords and skinny jeans.

Readers' choice: 104.3 The Shark

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