Red Hot Chili Pepper Review

May 3, 2017


That should be the end of the blog but there is a word limit … so I’ll go into details.

First I got to interview Flea- that’s next week’s blog I have something I have to do first with it on-air – so stay tuned for the full interview … but it was amazing.

I meditated with Flea. Bucket list item for sure.

Baby Metal was the opener – I was not a fan, yeah Japanese Death Metal sounds fun, but it’s loud and bright and squeaky and maybe I’m just old.

The peppers however, were killer. They played a great mix of old and new and let’s talk about the lights because they were so trippy.

Above the floor seating, not the stage, was a square section of lights- like hundreds of cylinder lights hung from cords and they danced. There were waves, corkscrew movements – it was insane. A great visual – non-distracting from the set – it actually added to the show.

One of the best concerts I have been too. Check the lights out on my Instagram page @ashleyrbo