The Power of X

One tiny letter, one big parent trick

March 6, 2017

I am always looking for parent hacks that will help me stay sane. One of the best little tips I’ve come across involved this one letter, 'X'.

This is the idea – if your kid is in a situation that they want out of …. but they don’t want to look lame in front of their peers for leaving ( like that time a group of kids started smoking pot around me at a high school party … I left so quick and was made fun of even quicker), for those situations have your kids text you the letter ‘X’

Then you call and make a scene and make them come home or say you’re picking them up– that way you’re the lame parent and they get out of a bad situation really making you the coolest parent around.

The biggest part of this – the way you get it to work is over and over – you don’t judge the child.

You cannot get mad at them because they were supposed to be a bible study but instead are at a local bands concerts in clothing that you’ll be burning the first moment you get.

The letter ‘X’ - hopefully keeping you kids off a pole and out the streets, pass it on