De-clutter your box

March 14, 2017

Sharing is caring so I want to tell you about a new app that I found called ‘Unroll me’. 

You know how people are always asking for an email address; nail salon, grocery store, doctor, anytime you buy anything on line ... Then they spam all the dayum time.

So you end up with 102 e-mails and only 10 really need your attention. Makes me wanna punch bunnies. 

Well, you can clean out all those un-wanted e-mailers with this app.  Sign in and it will go thru all the subscriptions associated with your e-mail then you just sort them into categories, like 'never want the email again' – or 'these people send coupons' … It’s a free download, easy to use and de-clutters you inbox. I call that winning.

Charlie Sheen would agree.