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IT CHAPTER TWO - Final Trailer

IT's happening AGAIN... To know me is to understand I am PETRIFIED of clowns, but I force myself to watch these movies to "face my fears" probably because I hate myself. Anyway, IT Chapter 2 delivers everything I imagined it would... at least according to the final trailer xoxo- deena Read More

Philadelphia Fired Police Officers

The ongoing investigation called "The Plainview Project" is helping clean up and get rid of officers. Who have made post on social media that encourgaes viloence against Mulsim's, Gay, Black and Transgender people. Read about how many total have been fired and what Police Commissioner Richared Ross... Read More
Long Weekend

Oxford Professor suggests 3-day weekend could be key to happiness

Associate professor of economics and strategy at the University of Oxford's Saïd Business School, Jan-Emmanuel De Neve, suggests that in order to attain a good work-life balance, time to do the things we enjoy is a top priority. "I would argue the four-day working week is spot on in terms of... Read More


Kicking myself for not thinking of this. I met my husband inside The Shark's conference room, so that wouldn't have made for the most fun photoshoot, but I LOVE this idea! Check out the Costco wedding shoot this Hawaiian couple pulled off. Pizza and all! I LOVE it! xoxo- deena Read More