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Waffles & Rebel: Our Yappy Hour Dogs of the Day

Meet Rebel! Rebel is a 3-year-old Fox Terrier mix who was transferred to our shelter from a partner shelter. Although timid at first, this sweet boy has truly blossomed in our care and enjoys interacting with people and other doggies. At any given time during the day, you can find Rebel romping... Read More
IG LIVE with Justin from Blue October

IG Live / Q&A with Justin from Blue October

Deena had a chat with Justin from Blue October on another @1043TheShark IG Live on Thursday, 4/2! They spoke about the musicians he's been stalking on IG, blessed us with his Coronavirus pep talks, and since he's the king of the whisper breakdown is he gonna start an ASMR podcast. How about you... Read More
we are here for you

We Are Here For You

Six months ago the world was a different place. But now things have drastically changed. Families like ours and yours are adapting to what some might refer to as the new normal. Through it all, one thing has remained the same. We're here for you! So no matter what kind of adversity you're facing,... Read More

IG Takeover / Q&A with Alex from All Time Low

Deena had a chat with Alex from All Time Low on @1043TheShark IG Live on March 25th! In case you missed it, they spoke about Netflix binging, Mozzarella Calamari, sorry we mean Melancholy Kaleidoscope, and he even gave a surprise performance. Just see for yourself! --- Watch the full sit down HERE... Read More