A My Chemical Romance fan wrote a full 'Black Parade' musical and now it's all we think about

Time to pay a visit to your local theater company

October 15, 2020

My Chemical Romance fans really are the creative cream-of-the-crop as far as taking what the band has offered up musically and visually, and making it a part of their daily lives. Whether that be the fashionably goth style that many have adopted and continue to enjoy even into adulthood, or the countless pieces of fan art that can be found with a quick Google search -- the mark the band has left on their followers is extraordinary.

Following their highly-acclaimed major label debut Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge, MCR took a different approach for their album The Black Parade in both songwriting and promotion lending an air of pomp and drama to the release. In essence, it's a rock opera following the story of a terminal cancer patient through treatment, death, the afterlife, and their reflections on life.

Sounds like a movie, or a play, right? You're not alone. With their reunion tour on hold due to the spread of COVID-19 it looks like fans have been keeping themselves busy. How busy? Well, this script for a musical based on the record has just hit the web, and we're all for it!

Obviously unofficial and likely not sanctioned by the band, the script and playlist are both available for fans to peruse at their leisure, and maybe goad their local theater troupe to consider transforming into a full production.

Costume sketches, set designs, musical accompaniment and a full script -- all that seems to be left to handle is proper casting and a Netflix deal!

In the document posted to Google Drive, the authors note straight away that they are not the first ones to envision a musical based on the beloved album. But you know what, they are the ones who put it down on paper, so nyah.

The MCRMusical explains the story they have created, saying after "the Patient dies, in the moments just after his heart stops beating, he sees his life flash before his eyes in the form of a parade performance. Reminiscent of the classic tale A Christmas Carol, as the Patient revisits his past, he gains new resolve to change his future."

The main character is shown in different forms throughout the story: “Scrooge Patient,” “Teen Patient,” “War Patient” and “Post-War Patient.” The Patient’s love interest "Emily," "Mother War," and "Priest" are some of the other characters who appear in the musical.

Click the link to read on and listen along with the playlist that has been created for the musical below.

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