Happy 80th Birthday, Alex Trebek! 7 Behind-the-Scenes Secrets You Never Knew About 'Jeopardy!'

July 22, 2020

Even if you’re a "Jeopardy!" superfan, even if you have a tattoo of Ken Jennings on your back and you’ve practiced saying “Let’s make it a true daily double, Alex” into the mirror thousands of times, even if you haven’t missed an episode since Trebek sported a mustache, there’s still a lot of things you probably don’t know about TV’s greatest quiz show.

There's a lot more to this beloved game show than the glorious crowning of all-time champions.

To celebrate the 80th birthday of beloved host Alex Trebek — who was born on July 22, 1940 — here are 7 facts about "Jeopardy!" every fan deserves.

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