Foster The People's Mark Foster Marries 'Ozark' Star Julia Garner

The pair wed over the weekend

December 30, 2019

Foster The People frontman Mark Foster has tied the knot with Ozark star Julia Garner, celebrating at a ceremony on Friday. The pair got engaged in May, according to sources, with Garner showing her ring off on Instagram earlier this year.

In September, Garner picked up the Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress for her work as Ruth Langmore on Netflix’s Ozark. The 25-year-old star thanked the “love of my life, Mark” during her acceptance speech, and it turn was showered with praise by Foster on Instagram.

“I’m beyond proud of this girl. congratulations you beautiful angel of a human,” Foster wrote in a post featuring the couple. “It brings me immeasurable joy to see you lifted up and recognized by your peers, your industry, and your fans. You deserve every bit of love and respect. You’re so incredibly special. I consider myself the luckiest guy on the planet to be able to watch whatever you do from the front row, with a bag of popcorn and your hand wrapped in mine.”

Foster The People has been steadily releasing singles over the last year, rather than waiting for their fourth studio album. It’s a new approach for the band, which Foster has said makes them more mobile rather than being locked away in a studio to deliver new music all at once. The band’s last LP arrived in 2017, but since November of 2018 they have debuted 4 new songs and videos for fans.

The band has also recently announced that they are considering retiring their breakthrough hit, “Pumped Up Kicks,” telling Billboard earlier this month that the song might have run its course.

“What's interesting about it to me was, topically, (the song) struck a chord and resonated with people, which is why the song became what it did. But it took people a while to really let the lyrics get into their bones, and I think that once the lyrics got under their skin, it was a bit of a slap in the face,” Foster explained about the upbeat anthem that tackles some dark subject matter.

“That song has become almost a trigger of something painful (listeners) might have experienced. And that's not why I make music,” he added.

Foster The People are set to return to the road in March, with a string of festival shows in Mexico.

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