EXCLUSIVE: Overcoats Strip Down Songs From Their New Album 'The Fight'

Out everywhere on March 6

February 20, 2020

It’s been only a few years since Hana Elion and JJ Mitchell first crossed paths, but they sound like they’ve been inseparable forever. Together they are Overcoats, a duo out of New York City that finds strength together, often blending as one powerful dynamic voice. Through quiet vulnerability and shout-along rallying cries, the two effortlessly intertwine.

On March 6, Overcoats will release their sophomore album, The Fight. Taking their harmony to the next level, the pair provided us with an intimate sample from the upcoming LP, stripping down 3 of their new songs.

Listen above to “Keep The Faith,” and below to “Leave If You Wanna” and “The Fool.” All three arrive very differently, but the constant is the stellar combination of voices that drive everything.

Overcoats are currently on tour, making their way across the country into May. You can find the full list of upcoming shows here.

“Leave If You Wanna”

“The Fool”

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