Dave Grohl Loves This 'Amazing' Creed Song and Wants to Jam

The Foo Fighters frontman wants to play this 2000 classic

January 22, 2020

Last week Dave Grohl honored Pantera guitarist Dimebag Darrell at the 11th Dimebash event in Anaheim, performing along with members of Anthrax, Lamb Of God, and more. The yearly event is a tribute to Dimebag, who was shot and killed in 2004.

Before the set, and a turn barbecuing for the VIPs in attendance, the Foo Fighters frontman spoke with Variety about the band’s upcoming album and the song he would most like to play during the annual jam session. His answer might surprise you.

“Listen, I happen to think that ‘With Arms Wide Open,’ by Creed, is one of the most amazing songs of all time. And I’m not kidding,” Grohl told Variety, calling out the 2000 hit by Scott Stapp and company.

“It’s true. I have a real soft spot for ‘With Arms Wide Open.’ And I would have no problem getting down on that.”

The number one song from Creed landed at the top of the Billboard chart in November of 2000, and was the band’s only visit to the top spot. “With Arms Wide Open” also picked up a GRAMMY award for Best Rock Song.

The Foo Fighters are celebrating their 25th anniversary this year, with plans for a new album underway. “It’s the record that we’ve threatened to make for a long time,” he told Variety. “We’re finally doing something that’s surprising even us.”

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