Airbnb Offers Free Housing to Hurricane Dorian Victims and Responders

September 5, 2019

Airbnb has launched a relief program that provides free housing to evacuees and relief workers displaced by Hurricane Dorian.

The program, called the “Open Homes Program,” is made possible by more than 800 Airbnb hosts who have opened their doors in states which stand to be affected by the storm, according to the Miami Herald.

The program is available through Sept. 16 in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Alabama. The company has released available listings on their website.

Airbnb originally launched the program in 2012 after Hurricane Sandy wreaked the fifth-costliest damage of Atlantic hurricanes in recent years.

Hosts volunteer their rental properties, which would be vacant during the hurricane anyway, on Airbnb’s platform.

It was a tense Labor Day weekend as Hurricane Dorian approached the US after wreaking havoc in the Bahamas.

According to The Associated Press, Dorian has tied the record for most powerful Atlantic hurricane to make landfall in the Bahamas, equaling the Labor Day hurricane of 1935.

After skirting along the edge of Florida, the category 3 hurricane is unleashing on the Carolinas, with parts of downtown Charleston, S.C. flooded by a combination of storm surge and rainfall runoff, according to the Washington Post.

Acting Department of Homeland Security chief Kevin McAleenan said on Sunday that even if the storm only braces the coastline, it could still cause major problems.
Evacuation orders have been issued in Georgia and South Carolina.

On Monday, Virginia declared a state of emergency in advance of the hurricane’s effects on the state.

The high-impact event is forecast to last through Friday.